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         Tour region Balkania takes up the area of the municipalities Teteven, Troyan and Apriltsi.
         The idea for Balkania belongs to tour club ReMark association, which since six years works on their territory. The owners of touristic sites from Troyan, Apriltsi, Teteven, Ribaritsa, Shipkovo, Chiflik, Cherni Ossam, Oreshak, museums, sport centres, the Professional Tourism School - Apriltsi are its members.
         All of these settlements are situated around the territory of the National Park Central Balkan and possess rich - history, traditions and folklore.
         The road from Ribaritsa to Teteven takes 20-30 min by a beautiful road - a natural connection between the two municipalities. This road is not well-known, comparatively well-maintained and offers exceptionally picturesque panorama sights.
         The road from Troyan to Apriltsi takes the same time - there is no visible boundary between the two municipalities.
         Simultaneously the settlements from these three municipalities differ from each other and complement one another - both as natur and attractions. The impressive rocks by the side of Teteven, on which the famous Glojene Monastery is situated are suitable for alpinism. In Ribaritsa, for example, the only grasski-track in Bulgaria is situated. The famous mountain trout is offered here- you can not only taste it but also to bite it in the special breeding-ponds. An incredible photo safari can be organized for you with jeeps to the Boatin Reserve or to Komitski Valog hut /1700m above sea-level/
         Chiflik and Sipkovo are famous for its mineral water. The water in Shipkovo is more curative, but the one in Chiflik is more attractive - because of its high temperature the tourists can bath in the open-air swimming-pools in the winter and when it becomes too hot for them - they just go out and walk in the snow.
         The resort ski complex Beklemeto is located 15 km away from Shipkovo and Chiflik. The best ski-track for ski-racing.
         Every autumn in Troyan the unique Plum Brandy Fest is carried out. The majorette group from Troyan and the brass orchestra are leaders in many national and international competitons.
         5 km away - in Oreshak one of the biggest Bulgarian monasteries - the Troyan Monastery is situated with the miraculous icon of "Sv.Bogorodica Troeruchica" and the national exhibition for art crafts.
         In the not very well-known village Gumoshtnik is the grave of the Bulgarians, who died on the Titanik. Staro Stefanovo is nearby - an unique architectural reserve.
         In Apriltsi, although still there is no mineral water, there are more than 50 swimming-pools, here the famous Novo Selo Monastery is situated, at the moment a modern chair-lift to Pleven Hut is under construction. A widely-spread opinion is that the valley of Apriltsi is the most beautiful and spacious valleu in Bulgaria.
         The idea to advertise the resort settlements from the three municipalities as a common tour region with the uniting name Balkania came spontaneously to us.
         The name Balkania symbolizes mostly the location of the region in the heart of the Balkan and also in the center of Bulgaria.
         More information about the unique nature, the cultural and historical objects, the churches and the monasteries in Balkania, and about the different hotels, fests, attractions can be found in the two catalogues Troyan/Apriltsi and Teteven.
         The idea for one ended tour product MONASTERY TOUR IN THE HEART OF BULGARIA is ready. It will take up all the sights of the region natural, culture-historical, architectural. It will include also acquaintance with the local national arts, tasting local cuisine and other various touristic attractions.
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